The last thing any homeowner wants is for their lawn to become the eyesore on the block. Making the decision to ignore the landscaping needs of your property can cause lots of problems. Brown grass, overgrown hedges and weed problems are all issues you will face without proper landscaping maintenance.

The average American homeowner is well aware of the importance of a well-manicured lawn, which is why they spend over $105 billion a year on professional landscaping services. Educating yourself about how to properly care for your lawn is important. Some people let common misconceptions get in the way of sound landscaping practices. Here are some common lawn care myths and the real truth behind each one.

Spring is the Best Time For Lawn Fertilization

One of the main things your lawn needs to stay healthy is new root and leaf growth. As time goes by, the soil your grass grows in will need to be revitalized with nutrients. The best way to provide these nutrients is by fertilizing your lawn. Most lawn fertilizer contains vital nutrients like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

Choosing the right time to fertilize your lawn is important. The biggest misconception about lawn fertilization is that the best time to perform this procedure is in spring. In reality, fertilizing your lawn in spring can limit root growth and will lead to your grass growing excessively.

Summer is really the best time to fertilize your lawn because the grass is already actively growing. If you need advice on the best time to fertilize your lawn, the team at Performance Lawns is here to help.

Water Your Grass In The Evening is a Good Idea

Proper hydration will keep the grass around your home green and lush. Certain parts of Tennessee will go weeks at a time without significant rainfall. Instead of letting your lawn get brittle and unhealthy due to a lack of rain, you need to water your grass with a sprinkler. Some people think that watering grass in the afternoon is a good idea.

Truthfully, watering your grass in the evening can lead to the formation of fungus. Ideally, you want to water your grass in the morning so the water has time to evaporate. Anytime between 4 am to 10 am is acceptable for watering your lawn.

Cutting Grass Short is Acceptable

When it rains in the summer, the grass around your home will grow pretty fast. Some homeowners think that cutting their high grass shorter is the best way to limit the work they have to do to keep up their lawn. In reality, cutting your lawn too short will expose it to the scorching temperatures of summer. This exposure to heat will lead to the development of weeds and diseases. This is why you need to avoid scalping your lawn during the summer months.

Are you having trouble keeping your lawn healthy? If so, check out the lawn care services offered by the professionals at Performance Lawns.