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We provide lawn care and pest control services for homes and businesses in Nolensville, TN.

Our team has been taking care of lawns and protecting properties from pests since 2011.

Nolensville, TN, is a quaint town in Williamson County with a population of more than 15,400. This community prides itself on being a safe and pleasant one perfect for families. It has excellent parks and recreational centers where people gather for various events, like the Nolensville Park, Summit Sports Center, and Williamson County Recreation Complex. Downtown Nolensville is also lined with top-tier restaurants, like Cabos Mexican Restaurant, Pork Belly Farmhouse, House of Bread Nolensville, and more.

Our team at Performance Lawns Inc. provides top-quality lawn care and pest control services for homes and businesses in Nolensville, TN. Since 2011, we have taken care of lawns and helped protect properties from a wide range of pests, and our team can do the same for yours next! Give us a call at (615) 708-5549 to sign up for any of our services.

Bolster your lawn's health and vigor with our lawn care services.

The key to achieving a healthy lawn is ensuring it has everything it needs to thrive while protecting it from any stressors. That's where we come in to help! Our team offers a wide range of lawn care services to keep your turf in Nolensville, TN, in excellent shape during the growing season. We can bolster the health of your grass by providing it with vital nutrients and keeping weeds from stealing them via our fertilization and weed control services. What's more, our team will follow a treatment schedule tailored to your specific grass type!

Lawn diseases are not new in Nolensville. Fortunately, we provide preventative lawn disease control treatments that we will apply four times throughout the year to keep your turf disease-free. Our team can also protect your grass from destructive lawn insects, like grubs and armyworms, and keep them from causing extensive damage.

Every year, your lawn needs to be aerated to combat soil compaction and ensure the roots can access nutrients, water, air, and sunlight. We can aerate it in spring or fall, depending on whether you have cool-season or warm-season grass. Our team can also perform overseeding with a premium cool-season seed blend to make it fuller and lusher!

If you have trees and shrubs on your property, take advantage of our fertilization, disease control, and insect control treatments to keep them healthy!

Our Pest Control Services Target Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Brown Recluse Spiders & More

It's never fun to discover pests on your property in Nolensville, TN, much less deal with them. Don't worry, we're here to help - with our pest control services. If you see ants, cockroaches, and other pests inside your home or business, you can schedule our interior pest control service, and we'll get rid of them via our effective treatments. We can also protect your inside space from creepy crawlers with our exterior pest control service. This service involves applying our treatments 3 feet up your building and 3 feet out onto your lawn to create a barrier that will block pests from entering.

Nolensville is no stranger to fleas and ticks. Fortunately, we can eliminate them via our flea and tick control service, which involves several visits to your property from April to September. Meanwhile, our crew can make mosquitoes a non-issue by installing traps and replacing them every 30 days from late March/early April until September. Brown recluse spiders are also a big problem here, but we can significantly reduce their population on your property with our brown recluse control service.

Give us a call today to enroll in our lawn care and pest control services.

Lawn care and pest control don't have to be complicated and tough. We'll take the hassle out of caring for your grass and dealing with pests via our lawn care and pest control services, which we offer to commercial and residential properties in Nolensville, TN. Our team at Performance Lawns Inc. is dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free customer experience, and we'll pour our attention and effort into ensuring you get nothing but the best results for your property. Give us a call at (615) 708-5549 today to enroll in our services.