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Chigger Control Service in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon & Surrounding Areas in Tennessee

We'll apply our treatments multiple times during the active chigger season for consistent coverage.

At Performance Lawns Inc., we offer a chigger control service to keep these biting pests off your lawn! Our team will apply our treatments multiple times during the active chigger season, which runs from April until September, to provide consistent, overlapping coverage when you need it the most. We also use liquid chigger control products so that we can precisely cover your entire lawn and ensure they start working to eliminate these pests right away. With us, you can trust that we only use the best treatments, which means they're not only effective against chiggers but other lawn insects, too, including fleas, ticks, and armyworms!

Our chigger control service is available to residential and commercial properties in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, TN, and other surrounding areas. Call us today at (615) 708-5549 to receive an estimate for this service!

Our Chigger Control Treatment Schedule

Worker in Gallatin, TN, applying a chigger control treatment.

We want to give you all-encompassing protection against chiggers when they're most active, so we follow a chigger control treatment schedule that covers the entire season. This schedule involves our team applying these treatments three times from April until September to eliminate any existing chiggers and keep more from infesting. We'll also return to retreat your lawn before the previous application wears off to ensure no lapse in coverage when you need it the most. That way, you can rest easy knowing you have consistent, overlapping protection from these biting pests.

We've been making chiggers a problem of the past with our chigger control service since 2011!

We use liquid chigger control treatments to provide quick, targeted coverage.

The goal of our chigger control service is to provide quick, targeted coverage, and to do this, we use liquid treatments. We'll spray them across your entire lawn to ensure there's nowhere for chiggers to hide, where they'll then start working to eliminate them right away. With liquid chigger control treatments, we can precisely administer them for complete coverage and give you fast results so that you can boast a chigger-free property sooner.

Our Chigger Control Treatments Also Work Against Other Lawn Pests

We take pride in using only the best products for our services, and our chigger control service is no different. Our treatments are so effective that they work against other lawn pests, including fleas, ticks, and even armyworms! Without fleas, ticks, and chiggers disturbing your peace when spending time outside and armyworms damaging your lawn, you can get the most out of it and enjoy a property free of troublesome insects.

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It's time to take back your property from pesky chiggers - with our chigger control service! Our team at Performance Lawns Inc. has the expertise, training, and products to eliminate chiggers and provide long-lasting protection during their active season. What's more, we can even control other nuisance insects like fleas, ticks, and armyworms! When you entrust us to help you achieve a chigger-free outdoor space, we won't stop until we exceed your expectations with the quality of our service and the results.

We proudly offer our expert chigger control service to homeowners and business owners in Gallatin, TN, and throughout the nearby areas, such as Hendersonville and Lebanon. If you're ready to say goodbye to the uncomfortable bites of chiggers, call us today at (615) 708-5549 to sign up for this service.