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Overseeding in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Brentwood, & Nearby Areas of TN

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Overseeding Service in Gallatin, TN & Surrounding Areas Like Hendersonville & Lebanon

We use a high-quality, cool-season seed blend to produce healthy, resilient grass.

Not only do bare and patchy areas on your lawn drag down its curb appeal, but they also make it more susceptible to weeds and other stressors. Fortunately, that's where our overseeding service comes in! If your lawn consists of cool-season grass, our team at Performance Lawns Inc. can fill those patchy areas using a high-quality, cool-season seed blend, producing healthy, resilient grass in no time. Because these seeds thrive best during the cooler weather, we perform this service in the fall. But wait, you don't have to stop there - while we offer our overseeding service independently, you can yield better results for your lawn by pairing it with core aeration! That way, the seeds can fall into the holes and have direct soil contact.

We offer our overseeding service to residential and commercial property owners in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, TN, and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (615) 708-5549 to schedule this service today!

What seeds do we use for our overseeding service?

Tall fescue grown lawn in Hermitage, TN.

We only use top-of-the-line products for all our services, and our overseeding service is no different. We use a premium tri-blend of turf-type tall fescue seeds. Before long, these seeds will fill any bare and patchy areas on your lawn with new, healthy grass growth. After all, this grass type is highly durable against frequent use and resilient against stressors, such as lawn diseases and insect infestations. It's also low-maintenance and doesn't need much to stay looking its best.

The seed blend we use for overseeding is 100% free of weed seeds!

When do we offer our overseeding service?

Because we use cool-season seeds, the best time to plant them is during the cooler weather. So, we offer our overseeding service in the fall. That way, the seeds have ideal conditions to germinate quickly and establish roots in the soil; this will also ensure your lawn is thick and dense before the winter, strengthening its chances of surviving through dormancy.

Pair Overseeding With Our Core Aeration Service to Yield Better Results for Your Lawn

Aerator in a lawn in Mount Juliet, TN.

While overseeding is highly beneficial for your cool-season lawn, you can yield even better results by pairing it with our core aeration service! This service involves pulling up plugs of soil, leaving tiny holes in the surface that nutrients and resources can use to reach the roots of your grass. However, these holes also present the perfect spot for the seeds to fall into! Not only does it provide them with direct seed-to-soil contact, but it'll also protect them from blowing or washing away and getting eaten by birds and other critters. Pairing these services will increase the chances of more seeds successfully germinating, establishing, and growing beautiful green grass.

Sign Up for Our Overseeding Service to Enjoy a Thicker, Denser Lawn

If you want to enjoy a thicker, denser lawn, look no further than our overseeding service! At Performance Lawns Inc., we use top-quality seeds to fill bare and patchy areas with new, resilient grass growth. Before long, your turf will have less space for weeds to invade and strengthened defenses against stressors. What's more, it'll boost your property's curb appeal and make even your neighbors jealous! We've been taking care of lawns since 2011, so you can trust that yours is in good hands with us.

We offer our overseeding service to homeowners and business owners in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, and other nearby areas in Tennessee. Call us today at (615) 708-5549 to sign up!