Hello this is Josh with Performance Lawns again I am out looking at a doing some spot checks on some yards that we treated at the beginning of February this first application of the year and it's kind of looking overall to see how things reacting how the weed control is doing and just doing spot checks. Want to keep our customers happy and one way to do that is by keeping the weeds controlled so this is a yard that we actually killed completely out this last fall and then did some aeration and seeding to it. This lawn was completely, just had some Bermuda and some other things in it some just some grassy weeds so we took it we took it all the way back to the dirt and an area conceded it and you can see some onion right there that is wilting over there's some more this will be about as dead as this onion will get until the customer mows it off it'll probably stay like that but I'm in LebanonTennessee again we did a crabgrass pre-emergent and a weed control and it looks like this lawn is fielding good and should make the customer happy don't be afraid to it's raining right now so we stopped a little short if it was a little bit warmer outside we'd be out treating but it's a little cold outside so decided to call the day short so actually pretty good that's a good day for me to get out and look some lawns we've treated past couple weeks and seeing how there were things going so get out there and get that pre-emergent put-down applied and get the weed control out it's a good time of year get that done this is Josh again from Performance Lawns just reminding you to get out enjoyGod's creation.