If you're dreaming of a strong and beautiful lawn for your property in Tennessee, then aeration and overseeding are investments worthy of your hard-earned money! Core aeration will help the roots of your grass access the nutrients and other vital resources it needs to grow strong. Meanwhile, overseeding is another lawn care service that involves scattering seeds across your turf to promote new grass and make it denser and more beautiful! To get excellent results, you'll want to combine these services. The best time to schedule aeration and overseeding is in the fall because your lawn is at its strongest to withstand the process, and the cool-season grass seeds used in overseeding will thrive during this season.

What are aeration and overseeding?

If your lawn seems to struggle despite your efforts to strengthen it, the soil might be compacted. When this happens, nutrients and other essential resources will have difficulty penetrating it to reach your lawn's roots. Core aeration is the perfect way to address this, which is a lawn care service that involves removing small cores of soil to loosen compaction and help your turf breathe. It is done using an aerator machine, which will create holes in the ground to open up the channels where nutrients, water, air, and sunlight can pass through to get to the roots of your grass.

If your lawn looks patchy and lackluster, overseeding is the lawn care service you need to rejuvenate its appearance. Overseeding involves spreading grass seeds evenly over your existing lawn. This process encourages new grass growth to fill in any bare patches and give you a fuller, lusher turf that is also stronger and more resilient!

You'll Want to Combine Aeration & Overseeding to Get The Best Results For Your Lawn

Core aeration and overseeding are great services by themselves. However, they should always be combined if you want to get the best results for your lawn! Core aeration should come before overseeding because it creates holes in the ground where the grass seeds can fall into. These holes ensure they have great seed-to-soil contact, allowing them to have access to the resources they need to germinate. What's more, the holes formed after core aeration will protect the seeds from being blown away or eaten by animals.

Aerating your lawn alone will solve soil compaction, but there won't be any new growth to fill in the patchy areas. On the other hand, overseeding without aerating can be futile because the grass seeds will remain sitting on the surface of your lawn; this leaves them exposed to the elements and unable to obtain the nutrients that promote successful germination.

Why should you schedule core aeration and overseeding in the fall?

The best time to schedule core aeration and overseeding is in the fall. During this season, your lawn will be strong enough to endure the aeration process, which can put a certain strain on your grass. What's more, cool-season grass seeds used in overseeding thrive during the fall season. This means they'll have the ideal weather conditions to germinate and flourish into the strong and beautiful lawn you're aiming for.

Core aeration can be scheduled in the spring, but overseeding isn't available during that season, and it's always best to pair these services together in the fall!

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