One of the most vital aspects of lawn care is fertilization. Throughout the year, it's crucial to provide your lawn in Tennessee with the nutrients it needs to maintain robust and vibrant growth. Signs that indicate it could use a fertilization treatment include slow growth, yellowing grass, and an increased presence of weeds and pests. These problems manifest because your grass does not have the necessary nourishment to boost its growth, maintain its vibrant green color, help it compete with weeds, and fight off pests.

If your grass is growing slowly, it could benefit from a fertilization treatment.

A well-nourished lawn grows steadily throughout the year. Healthy grass should grow about an inch every week. If it is doing so slowly, it's a common sign that your lawn is undernourished and craves a much-needed fertilization treatment. After all, this happens when it is not receiving everything it needs to grow as quickly or as densely as it should. Fertilizing it will give your grass a much-needed boost to stimulate quicker, more robust growth.

Two of the macronutrients found in fertilizers are nitrogen and phosphorus. Your lawn needs nitrogen to develop thicker and denser grass blades, while phosphorus helps encourage robust root systems. By fertilizing your grass, it will have enough supply of both these nutrients to grow fast, strong, and beautiful.

Your Grass Needs a Fertilizer Treatment if It's Turning Yellow or Fading

Another indication that your lawn could use a fertilization treatment is if its color fades or turns yellow. Healthy grass has a beautiful, green color, but if it shows discoloration, it's a way of saying it does not have the nutrients it needs to stay at its best. Yellowing grass is often a sign of a lack of nitrogen, one of the nutrients it needs to maintain its green color and vibrant appearance. Nitrogen is found in fertilizers and is an essential component of chlorophyll production, the pigment that aids in its beautiful color.

An increased presence of weeds and pests indicates your grass requires a fertilization treatment.

If you notice that weeds have taken over your lawn, it's time to apply a fertilization treatment. A lack of nutrients can make your turf more vulnerable to weeds. These unwanted plants are determined to steal nutrients from your grass, and they'll effortlessly take over if it does not have the strength to fight them off. By fertilizing it, you're providing it with enough nourishment to bolster its health so it can outcompete invasive weeds.

Pest infestations are also a sign that your lawn needs a fertilization treatment. Pests are more likely to infest your lawn if it's already in a weakened state. Without nutrients that allow your grass to fend off pests, it can easily fall victim to insect infestations and suffer from extensive damage.

Aside from lawn fertilizers, you can take advantage of weed control treatments to give your grass another layer of defense against weeds!

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