When the winter season ends and the flowers begin to bloom in the spring, it's time to start thinking about helping your lawn get back on track to healthy growth after being dormant. That's where spring fertilization comes in. Spring fertilization is necessary for your lawn in Tennessee as it replenishes its nutrient supply so it can emerge from winter dormancy easily. It will also provide essential nutrients that promote healthier growth so your grass can bounce back in the spring and green up quickly. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is also an essential part of your lawn's summer prep because it encourages strong root growth and improved resilience to endure the hot summer months.

Spring fertilization will help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy.

Through the winter season, your grass will consume most of its nutrient reserve to survive dormancy. This means that it will be lacking in essential resources come springtime. Your grass needs an adequate amount of nutrients in the spring to reawaken from its winter slumber, and this is where fertilizers come in. Spring fertilization will replenish your lawn's nutrient supply so it has the resources that will help it emerge from winter dormancy.

The cold winter temperatures take a toll on your lawn's health, and the best way to help it recover is by fertilizing it in the spring. Fertilizers contain nutrients that can strengthen your lawn's root system and give it a much-needed boost to start growing again. If your grass contracted any disease during winter, like snow mold, a nourishing fertilizer treatment in the spring is a great way to help it heal.

Help Your Grass Bounce Back & Green up Quicker in the Spring Through Fertilizer Treatments

Worker in Gallatin, TN applying granular lawn fertilizer.

Spring marks the season of rebirth and active growth for your lawn. You'll want to ensure that fertilizer treatments are on top of your spring lawn care routine so your grass receives nutrients that will help it bounce back from the winter. These treatments can nourish your turf with nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which fuel new and healthy growth for a thriving and lusher lawn.

These nutrients also improve the color of the grass blades so your lawn can green up quicker in the spring. What's more, spring fertilization will help improve your lawn's resistance so it can stand up to stressors like diseases and pests that may come its way through the rest of the season.

Fertilizer treatments in the spring are best paired with weed control to keep weeds from stealing nutrients from your grass.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring will build up its strength to withstand the hot summer months.

The approaching summer months can be detrimental to your lawn's health. Your grass can take a heavy beating from the heat and dry conditions, and it will need as much help as it can get to survive the challenging season. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is the best way to prepare it for the summer! Providing vital nutrients in the spring will help your grass to establish deeper and stronger roots before the summer season arrives, which is crucial to its survival during the hot weather.

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