Weeds can be a real nuisance on your lawn, and knowing which ones to look out for can help you take control of their growth early on. In Gallatin, TN, common lawn weeds that property owners often deal with are crabgrass, spurge, dandelions, and clover. Crabgrass weeds have light green leaves that grow in clumps and sprawl across your lawn, while spurge weeds have dark green leaves that can form a dense mat on your turf. Dandelions have bright yellow flowers and seeds that spread easily through the wind. Clover is also common here and can be identified through their famous three-lobed leaves that spread out horizontally on your lawn. These weeds will compete with your grass for nutrients and can drag down your property's curb appeal, so you'll want to deal with them ASAP if they pop up on your lawn.

1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass weed growing on a lawn.

Crabgrass is one of the most common lawn weeds that you might see popping up on your property in Gallatin, TN. This weed grows in clumps, with long stems sprawling low on the ground. Its leaves can be hairy or smooth depending on the species, are light green in color, and have pointed tips. It thrives when it receives full to partial sunlight and grows best in moist, loam soil. However, crabgrass weeds can easily adapt to different soil and weather conditions.

Because it stays close to the ground, crabgrass can be tough to control. The best way to deal with this weed is through consistent weed control treatments. You'll want to take advantage of pre-emergent treatments and apply them in the spring to prevent crabgrass from growing, but if you're already seeing their unsightly presence on your lawn, spot-spraying them with post-emergent treatments is the way to go.

2. Spurge

Leaves of a spurge weed.

If you notice a plant growing and slowly blanketing your lawn in Gallatin, TN, you might be looking at spurge. This weed can be identified by its hairy, dark-green leaves that grow in pairs opposite each other. Like crabgrass, it grows close to the ground and can form a dense mat that further blocks nutrients from reaching your grass. It loves to invade thin lawns, preventing healthy grass from thriving and degrading your yard's visual appeal.

While mowing is a good way to control the growth of this weed, this method is often futile because the plant grows so low that mowers cannot reach it. The most effective way to deal with spurge is to administer post-emergent weed control treatments to kick them to the curb! You'll also want to take advantage of pre-emergent applications to keep them from making another appearance on your lawn.

Never pull spurge by hand because you might break the stem and get exposed to its milky sap, which can irritate your skin and eyes!

3. Dandelions

Clump of dandelions on a lawn in Gallatin, TN.

They may look dainty and pretty, but don't let their yellow flowers fool you. Dandelions can spread rapidly thanks to their seeds, which are attached to a hairy-like structure that can be blown away by a slight breeze. These seeds can reach great distances and settle in turf areas. They start to develop around late March, producing bright yellow flowers that stand tall atop their slender stems.

While their flowers look harmless, dandelions harm your grass in Gallatin, TN, by stealing nutrients from it. When left to their own devices, they can take over your lawn and make it hard for your grass to absorb the nutrients and resources it needs. Post-emergent weed control treatments can be used to effectively remove this weed from your lawn!

4. Clover

Clover is a persistent weed that can be extremely tough to control because of its habit of growing low. Known for its small three-lobed leaves, this weed can produce white, pink, or purple flowers depending on the species. You can easily identify this weed on your lawn not only through its notable leaves but also because it grows horizontally across your turf. Clover grows best in lawns with poor soil that is lacking in nitrogen.

Weed control treatments can effectively get rid of clover from your lawn in Gallatin, TN. You'll want to utilize pre-emergent treatments to keep it from emerging in the first place and post-emergent treatments to stop existing clover weeds from spreading. Because it thrives in nutrient-deficient lawns, keeping your grass well-fertilized can also deter this weed from making your turf its residence!

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