People think of winter as the dormant time – not time to plan outdoor activities, but a time to huddle indoors and forget that the out-of-doors exists.

That's not how you have to spend your winter. In fact, paying some mind to your lawn and exterior areas now can get you in a good position for the next growing season.

Tidy Up Dead Stuff

One of the big jobs in this season is going around and clearing out dead debris and plant matter to make room for next spring’s greenery.

That might mean raking out some beds, or pulling some dead plants out of the garden or yard space. In particularly warm years, this might be a little different, because the plants themselves aren’t going to die as quickly. You have to make some judgments on when to get rid of the old to make way for the new. But in general, this is a big winter activity.

Consider Your Pruning Schedule

For large trees such as fruit trees, experts actually recommend doing a lot of the cutting back in the spring or late winter. As winter progresses, you can be thinking about timing this correctly so that you get that pruning wrapped up before new growth starts.

Think About Your Layout

Do you have specific annuals or perennials you want in your yard? And what do you want your beds to look like? Start thinking about that now and make your moves as spring comes on.

Think About Bugs

Did you have a bad experience with bugs last year? They may be gone now, but not for good – they’ll be back when it gets warm! Think about whether you want to pre-order services in this area.

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