Spiders are a common problem for many homeowners in Tennessee, but there are ways to keep them from infesting your inside space! First, you need to keep your home clutter-free; spiders love to hide in clutter and dark spaces, so make sure you're putting away things like cardboard boxes and piles of clothes. Second, you should store food properly in sealed containers and clean up crumbs and spills to avoid attracting other insects inside that spiders eat. The third and arguably best way to deter spiders is to sign up for a professional exterior pest control service. Pros will apply highly effective treatments to create a barrier around your home and prevent spiders from getting in!

1. Keep your home free of clutter.

If you want to keep spiders from infesting your home, you must keep it clutter-free. Spiders are master hiders and will take advantage of clutter and dark spaces that they can use to protect themselves from predators. They like to hide in things like cardboard boxes, old newspapers, piles of clothes, and anything else they can find, so if you have these lying around, spiders can quickly get comfortable in your space. By keeping your home neat and removing clutter, you can eliminate places for these pests to seek shelter and dissuade them from infesting in the first place!

2. Don't leave food out, and clean up any crumbs.

Another thing you need to do to keep spiders from infesting your home is to avoid leaving food out in the open. While spiders are not attracted to human food, other insects that they eat are. So, leaving food out will set off a chain reaction, encouraging other creepy crawlers to come searching for a meal and providing spiders with theirs, giving them more reason to stay inside your home.

Because of this, you need to diligently put away any food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator to minimize pests. It is also crucial to clean up crumbs and liquid spills. This way, you're not only eliminating other insects but also getting rid of the food source for spiders.

Don't forget to store pet food properly in sealed containers, as the smell attracts pests into your home!

3. Sign up for an exterior pest control service.

While it's true that de-cluttering your home, putting away food, and cleaning up messes are great methods of keeping spiders away, the best way to ensure they can't infest is to sign up for an exterior pest control service. When you take advantage of this type of service, professionals will visit to treat the exterior of your home with an insecticide. This process will create a barrier of protection that will block spiders from coming inside, using products proven to work against them and other pests. They will even apply the treatments multiple times throughout the year to ensure your home has overlapping protection against spiders.

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