Most people work extremely hard to realize their dreams of becoming homeowners. A lot of time and effort goes into finding and buying a home. Once you have a home in your possession, keeping it looking great and functioning properly should be a priority.

Over 81 percent of all Americans have a lawn. Maintaining a lawn is a tough job that most homeowners aren’t able to handle on their own. As a homeowner, you need to work on educating yourself about the problems that can wreak havoc on your lawn.

Grubs are a common problem that homeowners around the United States have to deal with. Read below to find out more about grubs and how they can affect your lawn.

What Are Grubs?

The average person has heard the term grub, but doesn’t know what this term is used to describe. In short, a grub is the larvae of beetles and chafers. You can easily spot a grub due to its white, C-shaped appearance. These larvae feed on organic matter in the soil and on grass roots. These pests are known to destroy entire lawns in relatively short order, which is why removing them quickly is so important.

Grub Damage Has Grown In The Past Few Years

Some homeowners labor under the delusion that grub infestations are something that won’t affect them. In reality, these infestations are becoming more common with each passing year. Due to the rising popularity of this particular type of pest infestation, you need to keep an eye peeled for signs of grubs.

When grubs have moved onto your lawn, you will notice issues like:

  • The grass under your feet feels spongy
  • An uptick in birds and raccoons on your lawn
  • Your grassroots are weak

If you encounter one or more of these warning signs, you need to call in professionals to rid your lawn of grubs.

Grub Control Relies on Good Timing

When trying to eradicate grubs from your lawn, timing is everything. Removing these pests will require them to be killed before they begin to hatch. This means you need to take action as soon as you notice grubs on your lawn. With the help of the professionals at Performance Lawns, you can keep your grass pest-free.

DIY Grub Control Is Ineffective

Overestimating your ability to get rid of grubs can be disastrous. While handing some projects around the house is beneficial, you need to realize your limitations. Professionals have proven treatments at their disposal. These treatments are designed to get rid of grubs in a timely manner. Taking matters into your own hands is a mistake that will come back to haunt you.

Paying professionals to get rid of these common lawn pests is a great investment. With the right treatments, you can remove grubs from your lawn before they damage your grass.

Are you struggling to keep grubs off of your lawn? If so, let Performance Lawns help you get the job done.