What Causes Lawn Diseases?

Your lawn naturally provides a home to a whole-host of fungi and spores, some being harmless and others being potentially harmful. A number of different situations can give rise to those harmful fungi, causing it to move throughout and wreak havoc. Things that can cause harmful lawn diseases to spread:

  • Drought
  • Improper mowing (especially mowing too low)
  • Compacted soil
  • Overwatering
  • Too much fertilizer (or using the wrong kind)
  • Wrong grass type for your yard
  • Lawn Pests (army worms, chiggers, grasshoppers, etc)

The identification and prevention of lawn diseases (in a quick time frame) are incredibly important! Many of these diseases can damage or even kill grass very quickly. Experience in identifying and treating these diseases are very important because if misdiagnosed or improperly treated the issue can be further worsened.

How To Catch Lawn Diseases?

Identifying lawn diseases before they become an issue what needs to be done to ensure minimal damage, as well as prevent last effects. Fortunately, the diseases aren't invisible and can expose themselves to people who know what they are looking for so they can be treated. Here are some key things to be looking for when trying to catch a disease early:

  • Yellow or brown patches or rings that grow in diameter.
  • Thin patches of frayed or discolored grass.
  • Red, black, gray, orange, or even purple spots on blades or stems.
  • Black, gray, or pink powdery or threadlike coatings on grass blades.
  • Darkened, wet-looking, slimy-looking grass.

What We Can Do To Help?

First off, we determine what the problem or potential issue is, then create the best course of action to address the situation. Most importantly, we will figure out how to eliminate and prevent uninvited bugs and insects that could cause damage to your lawn.

Our lawn pros are experienced in the field of identifying lawn diseases before they cause major issues. Give us a call or fill out our free quote form to receive a free, no obligation lawn disease estimate. Our team would be happy to come to your property to help identify the issue.