The average homeowner works extremely hard to keep theoutside of their residence looking great. An appealing landscaping design willusually feature trees and shrubs. Keeping the trees around your property inpristine shape is more challenging than you probably realize.

Every year, over 1.9 billion new treesare planted around the world. Whether the trees around your property are youngor have been there for decades, providing them with the right amount of care iscrucial. When a tree is diseased or infected with pests, you will be presentedwith many red flags. Here are some of the warning signs you might notice whenyour trees need professional attention.

Trees On Your Property Have White Spots

As a homeowner, you need to take time to inspect the variouselements of your landscaping design. If your residence is surrounded by trees,then you need to assess how healthy they are on a regular basis. One of thebiggest lawncare misconceptions is that trees require no maintenance. In reality, thetrees around your property can develop disease over time if they are notproperly maintained.

If you start to notice one or more of the trees on yourproperty are covered in white spots, you need to take notice. This is usuallyan indication that scale insects have moved into the tree in question. Theseparasites feed on the tree’s internal fluid. The white spots you notice on yourtrees are actually a grouping of these tiny white bugs. As soon as you noticethis problem, you need to reachout to professionals for help.

Small Holes In Tree Leaves

When inspecting the trees around your property, pay closeattention to the condition of the leaves. If the leaves on one or more of thetrees around your property looks like they have holes in them, you might havean insect problem. Leaves that look like they have been chewed on are usuallyinfected with weevils or beetles.

If this problem is being caused by beetles, you will noticethe middle part of the leaf is completely chewed out. The longer you allow thisproblem to persist, the harder it will be to salvage the tree in question. Theteam at Performance Lawns provides tree and shrub pest control services. Ourteam will work hard to remove pests from your trees in a timely manner.

Holes In Tree Bark

Another problem that you might notice when insects havetaken over a tree is holes in the bark. This telltale sign of pest infestationsshould not be ignored. These holes will usually contain the larvae ofwood-boring insects like tree borers.

If these insects are not removed, they will do irreparabledamage to the tree’s vascular system. This will result in large portions of thetree dying. Rather than dealing with this extensive tree damage, you need totake action as soon as you notice holes in your tree bark.

By catching the problems mentioned in this article early on,you can keep the trees on your property healthy.