Keeping the lawn around your home in pristine condition isnot easy. The average lawn requires a lot of care to stay looking green andlush. Not only do you have to worry about things like soil aeration andwatering your grass, you also need to keep a watchful eye out for pestinfestations. One of the worst things that can happen to your lawn is atick infestation.

Every year, over640,000 tick-borne illnesses are reported in the United States. There are anumber of factors that can attract ticks to your lawn. Below is moreinformation about why ticks are attracted to your lawn and what you can do toget rid of these pests.

Ticks Thrive in Certain Environments

If you want to keep ticks out of your yard, then you need tospend some time educating yourself about these pests. You need to realize thatticks look for very specific environments when trying to find a place to live.Environmental factors like thick grass, the presence of weeds and damp soil canattract ticks. On average, ticks will reside on the outer portion of a lawn.

The outer portions of the lawn is generally where thingslike leaf piles, ground litter and low tree branches are found. Routinelyinspecting your property for these elements will help you stay one step aheadof ticks.

The longer you allow groundlitter and leaf piles to remain, the higher the risk becomes of a tickinfestation. Working with the right lawn care professionals is a great way toremove these elements. These professionals can also help you keep your grassgreen and healthy.

Animal Feeders Might Not Be a Good Idea

Most homeowners work extremely hard to incorporate natureinto their exterior design. This usually includes the addition of many animalfeeders. These feeders can bring animals like deer, rodents and raccoons intoyour yard. While these animals can be fun to look at, they can also be coveredin ticks.

If you must have these feeders on your property, you need tobe mindful about where you put them. The worst mistake you can make is puttingthese feeders in areas that are heavily shaded or damp. As previouslymentioned, areas with these characteristics are a virtual breeding ground forticks.

How To Know You Have Ticks In Your Yard

Realizing the signs of a tick infestation early on can helpyou treat this problem more effectively. There are a few basic things you needto look for when trying to snuff out a pest infestation. Using a light-coloredtowel or sheet attached to a stick is a good way to detect a pest infestation.This process, known as tick dragging, can be effective.

Once you draft the sheet or towel through your yard, youneed to inspect it thoroughly for ticks. If you find one or more ticks, youneed to contact professionals to start the process of ridding your lawn ofthese pests.

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