Good morning middle Tennessee this is Josh with Performance Lawns we are out on the lawn putting down our first application of the 2019 season this will be the crabgrass pre-emergent fertilizer combo. I recommend getting this down before the ground temp gets to fifty five degrees to help prevent crabgrass and some other broadleaf weeds you're going to do this twice this spring this first go-around we're going to do a little bit higher nitrogen then then we would during the summer months because we want to get this lawn off to a great start and plus if you aerated and seeded last fall you probably have some little grass plants that will take in that nitrogen and that'll help mature those out so what we're using is a 22-0-8 or 22-0-6 this is a 22-0-6 is a twenty two as a fertilizer content we're putting it down at three and a half pounds per thousand you can see here that we're roughly going to get four months out of today's application we'll follow up that again as I said in a few weeks with another application we're going to do a little bit less nitrogen on that go around just because as we're going into summer we don't wanna be pushing the grass plant a whole lot so get out and do that first application also take care of your broadleaf weeds such as clover or bitter cress andy ou'll see a little bit Dandy Lion on popping up depending on your soul temps and henbit and purple dead nettle and mouse are chickweed common in mouse ear chickweeds so be sure to apply that broadleaf weed control and yeah and that should be it on this go-around make sure your passes are even and that should give you a nice consistent color with your fertilizer application again this Josh with performance lawns reminding you to get out and enjoy God's creation.